Welcome to the Union! Here are some FAQ's to get you ready.
When is Move-In Day?
The move-in day for the 2023 Fall semester is Thursday, August 24th. More information regarding move-in and specific timing can be expected via email in August. 
What are "Union Houses" and which House fits me best? 
Union houses are our new themed hallways used to best match you with roommates, neighbors, friends for life and those individuals who want to share the same type of college experience as you! Listed below are the descriptions of each house so you can find your best fit. 

Padawan Village
  • The perfect choice for incoming freshmen looking to start their college experience with new friends and plenty of memories. Exclusively for first year students!
Jedi Academy
  • The home of our leaders and best! Reserved for students of all majors majors looking to prioritize their studies and be around scholars with similar mindsets and goals. 
  • This hallway is for residents who want to be a part of a multicultural hallway which celebrates diversity and represents communities from all corners of the earth! Celebrate new holidays and other ways of life.
​The Droid Factory
  • This section of our property is exclusively for our Video Game enthusiasts and Artists. Expect gaming LAN parties, creative activities and spending time with many other like minded residents.
Vader's Victors
  • Made up of our Olympic Village and Maize League. Made up of our student-athletes from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Henry Ford College. Join fellow Wolverines looking to mingle and get the most out of their time in school. Fast paced and tons of events. Maize League will be the heart of student life!
Financial Aid
University of Michigan students can use this link to make an appointment with their Financial Aid office at any time. Click here!
Any questions you may have regarding Financial Aid can be directed to the office of Financial Aid on Campus. Any question regarding finances for rent or due to the Union can be directed to our Financial Administrator in the office. 
How can I connect with current residents and get involved with the city of Dearborn?
The Union offers a variety of events that are great ways to meet current residents! On top of events, you can connect to residents and the city through social media. Some great Instagram pages to follow are below:

Union Resources:
@unionatdearborn_ - The official Instagram profile of the Union Dearborn! We share lots of content regarding our residents, events, campus and the city of Dearborn!

City of Dearborn Resources:

@Dearborn - The official Instagram profile of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights news. Learn about current local events and news through this source!
@downtowndearborn - The official Instagram profile of Downtown Dearborn. This profile shares the latest news regarding the community, events, local businesses and ways to get involved. 

UM-Dearborn Resources
@umdearborn - the official Instagram profile of the University of Michigan Dearborn
@goumdearborn - The official Instagram profile of UM-Dearborn athletics. Follow this account to learn about your favorite athletes, games, and sporting events!
@dearbornwolverine - UM-Dearborn Admissions 
How do I use Resident Portal?
Resident Portal is the Mobile/Computer application that allows you to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, view property messages and leasing documents, and much more. You can access Resident Portal through our website, or you can download the application through your smartphones app store. 
To learn more about using Resident Portal, click here to watch a video!
Where can I park at the Union?
If you are coming in for a tour or to ask the leasing office any questions, there are specific leasing office parking spots available at the front of the building located next to the volleyball court. 

For all other parking, there are parking spots located all surrounding the building. There is also a very large parking lot on the south side of the building. You may park in any of these spots, as the only spots you may not park in are designated employee parking spaces. 
Where are some popular places to go in the city?
If you are coming to tour campus and the Union, make sure to spend some time Downtown Dearborn! Downtown West Dearborn is a very big hotspot, filled with local restaurants and small businesses. You can either walk down from campus or park in one of the several free parking locations! Downtown West Dearborn is located west of Evergreen and Michigan Ave. 
Where can my family stay when they come to Dearborn to visit?
Unless you have a small number of visitors that will be staying for a short period of time (less than 3 days,) there are two local hotels right around the corner we recommend! Within walking distance, The Henry is a very nice hotel located in Fairlane Center as well. Down the road, there also is a very nice Holiday Inn right in the center of West Dearborn that has been fantastic to our residents families. 
How do I receive packages and letters sent to my apartment?
All mail sent via the USPS will be delivered to your apartments specific mailbox, which you will be directed to during your move in day. You will also receive your mailbox key to access this then as well. 

Other mail and packages delivered by postal services such as Amazon, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. will be delivered to our Parcel Pending package locker. This is a device located in the Victors Den, and when you move in to our building you will receive forms explaining how to set up your account in the system. 
What are the policies regarding animals?
The only animals allowed on property are pre-qualified service animals. Therapy animals are allowed with proper documentation and written permission from the leasing office. Birds and other animals must stay at home. Please refer to you leasing agreement for further questions regarding animals.